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2018 Annual Report Presentation

It’s that time of year again where we’ll review the year gone past, thank our exiting executive and elect our new team for 2018.

This year our nominations will be conducted through the Nomination form, available on the Facebook Group pinned to the top. You can either nominate yourself or another rover for any position, but it must be signed off by you, the nominee and their crew leader. You have until the meeting to nominate.

We’ll be holding the ARP this year at North Wollongong Scout Hall at 7pm on Wednesday 28th March 2018. All rover crews will be expected to be represented by 2 delegates chosen by their crews. Other scouting members and the general public will be permitted to view the proceedings.

Thanks for a great 2017 and we’ll see you at the ARP.


Due to multiple activities being run on our AGM day, we ask that all attendees RSVP using the below form, making sure that select which parts of the day they will be attending.


Scout Membership Number

Crew Name


Phone Number

AGM Attendance (at UOW)

Challenge Attendance (at Revolution Laser Tag)

Dinner Attendance (at North Gong Hotel)

2015 Stationary Dinner – Raising Funds for the Melanoma Institute

Come to the SC&T Region Rovers’ Stationary Dinner! Held at 4th Gong hall, come along and enjoy a night out with the region with good food and good times, whilst raising funds for the Melanoma Institute of Australia.

Click here for more details and to register!

Service and Social Weekend 2015

Mark Critcher is doing some service at Wollongong Primary School as part of his BP. It would be great to get as many people as possible helping out.

Following on from Mark’s BP service we will be relocating to Mt Keira Scout Camp for a BBQ Dinner followed by some social activities. Everyone is welcome to stay the night in front of the Rover Den.

Sunday will involve breakfast then a little bit of service to the camp then some games on the camping flats, finishing up around lunch time .

COST: $15 per person (includes camping fees and food)

Come and support Mark’s BP Service Project by cleaning up the garden at the Wollongong Primary School. Mark has started doing lots of work in the garden but he needs YOUR HELP!!!!
Meet at Wollongong Primary School (Corner of Smith and Church St Wollongong) at 9am on Saturday the 8th August 2015

Various aspects of the project include:
-Picking up rubbish/litter
-Spreading out mulch
-Moving all the weeds into the skip bin
-Installing Garden edging

Please bring:
-Solid shoes – No thongs
-Wheel barrow
-Water bottle
-Any newspapers (This is to go under the mulch to help prevent weeds growing)

Any question just message Mark Critcher if about Saturday and his BP, or if its about Saturday night and Sunday, message Mitch Van Baardwijk or Marshall Kelly Roderick.


Region Venturer Rally 2015

For all details regarding the Region Venturer Rally 2015, please click here.