What’s coming up

6th September
RRC + Intercrew Challenge

Region Rovers are invited to participate in this bimonths RRC. We’ll also be having our bimonthly intercrew challenge, hosted by Figtree rovers. More details soon.


8th – 10th September
Snow Shoe Weekend

The rovers will be heading to the snow for our annual Snow trip. This weekends will be a hiking trip.

  • Alpine Hike across the mountains

Participants will be alpine hiking over the Southern Rams Head Ranges with camps situated deep in the snow. This weekend will labor intensive and require warm gear. Hikers and Snow Lovers alike will love this trip.

Interested applicants needs to contact Greg Pearce, Region Rover Commissioner, to register. Email


19th – 21st January 2018
SCAT Moot 2018: Tradie Moot

Tradies of all abilities from all corners of the NSW Rover Branch are invited to attend the 2018 Tradie Moot.
Join us for the best Tradie challenges you have ever attended as a young tradie.



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